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Government adopts decision on duty-free corn import quota

ZAGREB, Feb 10 (Hina) - The government adopted a decision at the closed-door part of Thursday's session introducing a duty-free quota for the import of 200,000 tonnes of corn that will be used primarily for fodder.

The decision was adopted after the Agriculture Ministry analysed the situation on the domestic corn market and held talks with fodder producers, concluding the intervention was justified in order to stabilise the domestic market, reduce prices and bring order to the fodder and livestock markets.

The government also amended a decision on a loan agreement to be signed with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development for integration with the EU Natura 2000 project, authorising the incumbent minister of finance to sign the agreement.

The government took note of a protocol from the third session of the Croatian-Albanian Economic Cooperation Commission, signed in Zagreb on December 6.

The government adopted a report on negotiations held to sign an agreement with the US government with a view to improving cooperation in the prevention and fight against serious crime.