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Prime Minister issues Labour Day message

ZAGREB, April 29 (Hina) - Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor issued a Labour Day message on Thursday, saying the government was determined about new economic growth, building a state that would enable all citizens to live off their work in a dignified manner, and continuing to care for particularly vulnerable categories.

This year we are marking International Labour Day in conditions of an economic crisis that has affected our country as well, but these conditions force us to do the utmost, like 20 years ago, in order to provide for new economic growth, Kosor said in the message, adding that "we were able to create and defend Croatia, with huge sacrifices and in the spirit of true solidarity and patriotism".

In many segments, the global crisis has pointed to the weaknesses of the Croatian economy, but the adoption of the Economic Recovery Programme clearly defines the goals and measures aimed at building Croatia on the sound foundations of honest work and new values, said Kosor.

The changes are not simple, but the government will not give up implementing the programme, she said.

Thorough reforms, which will sometimes be painful, we will provide conditions for reducing the need for government assistance and strengthening the capacity and competitiveness of the national economy, Kosor said, adding this was the only way to resolve the unemployment problem in the long term and provide for sustainable economic growth and overall development of society.

Such goals call for deep and radical changes as well as changing habits and the attitude to work and personal responsibility.

"We are ready to face the challenges, determined to strengthen the economy, persevering in the fight against corruption and crime, ready for membership of the European Union."