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Anti-corruption commission convenes

ZAGREB, March 10 (Hina) - The Commission monitoring the implementation anti-corruption measures convened on Wednesday for a session chaired by its national coordinator, Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor.

The commission discussed the State Audit Office report on the state budget and budgetary beneficiaries in 2008. It was said that steps forward had been made in all areas and that the beneficiaries had abided by the law.

Of the 546 audited subjects, only five were given a negative opinion and the State Attorney's Office is taking appropriate measures in them.

The commission noted significant progress in public procurement as only 2.6 per cent of all procedures had been insufficiently transparent.

At Kosor's proposal, the commission adopted a conclusion binding all state administration central bodies to submit within 60 days reports on compliance with State Audit Office recommendations and orders.

The commission also discussed a revision of an action plan for the suppression of corruption in 2008. It was said that all key measures had been carried out in their entirety and that 80 per cent of the plan had been enforced. The commission revised the measures and formulated a draft action plan which will be put to the government next week.

The draft highlights the bodies that were not subject to special measures, such as the ministries of agriculture, regional development, tourism, transport, and family and war veterans' affairs.

The measures are aimed at further curbing corruption risks in all sections of society and notably at stepping up the control of the use of incentives in agriculture, the economy, tourism and other activities.