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Croatian PM meets with ICTY chief prosecutor

Predsjednica Vlade Republike Hrvatske Jadranka Kosor sastala se danas u Banskim dvorima s tužiteljem Međunarodnog kaznenog suda za bivšu Jugoslaviju Sergeom Brammertzom.

ZAGREB, Oct 20 (Hina) - Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said in Zagreb on Wednesday, after meeting with the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Serge Brammertz, that the search for missing military documents wanted by the tribunal continued although they were no longer an issue in the case of three Croatian generals on trial before the ICTY for war crimes committed during the 1991-1995 war in Croatia.

"I reiterated that the Task Force is continuing its work in all directions. Prosecutor Brammertz said he is pleased that the Task Force has continued its work even after the decision by the Trial Chamber to reject the prosecution motion," Kosor said at a press conference after the meeting.

The meeting in the Cabinet Office was attended by members of the Council for Cooperation with the ICTY -- Foreign Minister Gordan Jandrokovic, Defence Minister Branko Vukelic, Justice Minister Drazen Bosnjakovic, Interior Minister Tomislav Karamarko, Croatia's chief negotiator with the EU Vladimir Drobnjak, and Task Force leader Vitomir Bijelic.