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Josipovic and Kosor condemn display of fascist insignia at Split concert

ZAGREB, June 16 (Hina) - Croatia's President Ivo Josipovic and Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor on Wednesday issued a joint statement condemning in the strongest terms the display of fascist insignia at a concert held in Split on June 13 reportedly to raise funds for Croatian generals standing trial at the Hague war crimes tribunal and their defence teams.

Expressing their respect for the autonomy of Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) as a public service, Josipovic and Kosor warned about the HRT's legal obligation to promote public interest.

In that regard, they called on the HRT management to act responsibly and promptly adopt mechanisms making it possible to discontinue broadcasts in case symbols of totalitarian ideologies are displayed or such ideologies are glorified.

Josipovic, as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, has launched an investigation into the participation of active military personnel in the said concert.

"Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor entirely supports the decision of the President of the Republic," reads the joint statement signed by Josipovic and Kosor.