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Prime Minister issues Statehood Day message

Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor on Wednesday extended best wishes to Croatian citizens on the occasion of Statehood Day, which is observed on June 25.

Nineteen years ago, the Croatian parliament adopted the historic constitutional decision on Croatia's sovereignty and independence as well as the declaration on the proclamation of sovereign and independent Croatia, which was a decisive step towards a free, independent and European Croatia, Kosor said.

"Remembering those fateful decisions, I thank everyone who contributed to the creation of the Croatian state, notably those who took part in the just, legitimate and liberation Homeland War. They make Croatia proud," she said.

"To all those who built their lives into the Croatian state we owe an uncompromising struggle for a strong law-based state and we will not give up. We have set goals and measures and, with the determination we have, we will make brave decisions and build our homeland on the foundations of fair work and creation of new values," said Kosor.

"We are aware that such changes aren't easy. Aware of the resistance we will encounter, we are telling everyone that we haven't tired of building a democratic, social and economically stronger Croatia."

"We were able to respond to the enemy, we were able to defend ourselves, to fight for independence. Today we are a proud member of NATO, actively contributing to regional cooperation and we are ready to become the 28th member of the European family," Kosor said, pledging "that we have the will, programme, know-how and courage to build a Croatia worthy of those who died for it."