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Economic Council discusses government grants, non-tax levies

ZAGREB, April 17 (Hina) - The Croatian Economic Council on Friday acquainted itself with the Register of Government Grants, compiled by the Public Finances Institute, and with further activities related to the development and improvement of the project.

The Register of Government Grants is the first step in making a register of users of government grants and the starting point for planning and efficiently implementing the policy of government grants.

The Economic Council was also acquainted with a register of 245 types of non-tax revenues and legal grounds for their collection, of which most refer to revenues of municipalities, towns and extra-budgetary users.

The Council proposed that the Finance Ministry and the Croatian Employers Association establish priorities and analyse with individual ministries and users the fiscal effects and propose concrete solutions for a possible reduction of some of the non-tax duties.

The Economic Council believes that both topics represent the beginning of a permanent goal of relieving the business sector of some of the non-tax levies in order to increase its competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets.