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Government anti-corruption commission holds its first meeting

ZAGREB, Nov 23 (Hina) - The Croatian government's commission monitoring the implementation of anti-corruption measures held its first meeting on Monday, discussing an addition to a report on implemented recommendations for Croatia by Council of Europe's anti-corruption body, GRECO, an anti-corruption programme for public companies, amendments to the law regulating the financing of political parties, and the continuation of the anti-corruption campaign.

Speaking of GRECO's (Group of States against Corruption) addition to the report on implemented recommendations for Croatia of October 8 this year, the head of the Croatian delegation to GRECO, Supreme Court judge Marin Mrcela, said that of 17 countries, five had fully completed the second evaluation round, including Croatia.

The anti-corruption programme for public companies within the authority of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure for the period up to 2012 has clearly defined goals, measures and timelines, and will help improve the transparency of business operations, the commission said in a statement from today's meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, who said that all companies in majority state ownership should draw up anti-corruption programmes on that model.

The commission decided that the anti-corruption campaign should continue by educating young people about the problem of corruption and its negative impact on society, promoting "zero tolerance" for corruption and encouraging young people to report corruption cases to the authorities.

The commission also discussed recommendations from the European Commission's annual report regarding corruption prevention, and agreed on specific measures to ensure further progress in combating corruption, including a review of the action plan for corruption prevention, improving the legislative framework, and defining bodies for the management of confiscated property, the statement said.