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Prime Minister Kosor receives Turkish foreign minister

ZAGREB, Dec 12 (Hina) - Prime Minister Kosor received Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Zagreb on Saturday

Prime Minister Kosor and Davutoglu agreed that the two countries had very good relations, without any unresolved issues, and stressed that as NATO members Turkey and Croatia had an important role in promoting stability in Southeast Europe.

The two officials also discussed the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Kosor saying that Croatia strongly supported the Euro-Atlantic integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a single country of three constituent peoples enjoying the equal status.

Davutoglu congratulated Kosor on the unblocking of Croatia's EU accession negotiations and the signing of an arbitration agreement with Slovenia, and Kosor reiterated that the lifting of the blockade sent out a strong message of encouragement to all other countries in the region aspiring to join the EU.

Kosor mentioned close cooperation between Croatia and Turkey in the UN Security Council this year.

Also discussed was economic cooperation, with Kosor noting that the number of Turkish tourists visiting Croatia rose 17 per cent from 2008, the use of Croatian Adriatic ports by Turkish companies and other projects aimed at promoting bilateral economic cooperation.