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Government sends to parliament decision on list of companies of strategic importance to state

ZAGREB, Oct 22 (Hina) - The Croatian government on Thursday sent to parliament for consideration a decision on a list of companies of strategic importance to the state.

Under the law on the prevention of conflict of interest in the performance of public duties, the decision on the list of companies of strategic importance to the state is to be adopted by parliament.

The decision was adopted on 1 October 2004 and amended on 3 December 2004. Given that many changes have occurred in the ownership structure of those companies, a new list must be made.

The government entrusted the Croatian Privatisation Fund to relieve of duty, once the decision goes into effect, state officials serving as heads or members of supervisory boards in companies that are no longer on the list of companies of strategic importance to the state.

The government also accepted to have an international conference of the Croatian Pan-European Union on challenges of the global economic crisis held under its auspices. The conference will be held in Zagreb in 23-25 October.

The government also accepted the sponsorship of the 76th world congress of the global association of the exhibition industry UFI, to be held in Zagreb on 28-31 October.

Also adopted was a decision to publish the agreement between Croatia and the Netherlands on privileges and immunity of Croatian liaison officers at the European Police Office.

Also adopted was a decision to launch the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Croatia and Qatar regulating tourism cooperation.

The government adopted a conclusion concerning the signing of an annex to the 3rd agreement on the financing of the annual programme of activities within the regional CARDS 2006 programme between Croatia and the European Union.