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Adlesic meets Stoiber in Munich

During her visit to the southern German city of Munich on Friday, Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Djurdja Adlesic met Edmund Stoiber, former head of the Bavarian government who is currently responsible for the reform of state administration in the European Union, to discuss the process of Croatia's accession to the EU, a Croatian government statement said.

Adlesic informed Stoiber about the reforms being implemented by the Croatian government in order to meet the EU membership requirements, as well as about the reform of the armed forces as a requirement for NATO membership.

Adlesic also spoke of public administration reform, which she said was nearing completion, and of the plan to introduce e-ID cards.

Stoiber said that Germany had friendly relations with Croatia, citing very good cooperation with the Ivo Sanader Cabinet. He supported Croatia on its path to EU membership, saying that the Croatian government was working well to meet the membership requirements and that Croatia should become the 28th member of the EU.