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Governmet says hasn't banned children's gifts, Christmas bonuses

ZAGREB, Nov 18 (Hina) - The government's public relations office said on Tuesday that the government did not ban children's gifts and Christmas bonuses, and that some media carried false claims by individuals from Internet message boards regarding the government's conclusion last week banning the purchase of gifts and organisation of receptions for the coming holidays.

The government's conclusion of November 14 ordered all state budget beneficiaries and companies owned or mostly owned by the state to save money, prohibiting the purchase of gifts and organisation of Christmas and New Year's receptions in state administration bodies and said companies, a statement said, adding that funds envisaged for those purposes could not be reallocated for other purposes.

The statement said that the decision did not limit or prohibit or had anything to do with the distribution of gifts for children, the payment of Christmas bonuses or other seasonal gifts envisaged by collective agreements.

In conclusion, the statement said that individuals on Internet portals and message boards depicted the government's clear and unambiguous decision falsely and tendentiously, and that this was carried by some media.