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Government raises work permit quotas for foreigners

ZAGREB, Sept 12 (Hina) - The Croatian government adopted on Friday a decision to increase work permit quotas for foreigners in this calendar year, the government's Public Relations Office said in a press release.

Instead of 8,397, this year Croatian employers will be able to employ 10,242 foreigners. Under the decision, another 1,700 work permits can be issued in construction, 45 in tourism, and 100 in farming. The government increased the quotas because of a lack of workers in said branches on the domestic market.

Also today, the government gave its consent for the amendment of the statute of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, as well as its consent for the statute of the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency.

The government entrusted the justice and foreign ministries with initiating in all Southeast European countries amendments to their constitutions in order to provide for the mutual extradition of convicts.

The government also supported the establishment of a regional European Forest Institute office in Southeast Europe.