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Government adopts protocol from meeting of Croatian-Greek economic cooperation committee

ZAGREB, Dec 29 (Hina) - At the closed part of its session on Monday, the Croatian government adopted a protocol from the third session of the Joint Intergovernmental Committee on Economic Cooperation between Croatia and Greece, which was held in Athens on 25 November this year when the two countries decided to take all necessary measures to improve economic ties.

Also adopted was a memorandum of understanding to share information on lost or stolen passports, which was signed in Zagreb on 5 December by the Croatian Minister of the Interior and the United States Ambassador to Croatia. By signing the memorandum, Croatia met yet another prerequisite for the possible lifting of the visa requirements for Croatian nationals travelling to the US.

The government authorised the Croatian Health Insurance Agency (HZZO) to purchase the anti-flu drug Relenza in accordance with the national contingency plan against the avian influenza pandemic threat, which was adopted in 2005 under an instruction from the World Health Organisation. The HZZO will buy sufficient quantities of the vaccine for the entire country in case of a bird flu pandemic.