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Croatian PM meets with Eurostat chief

ZAGREB, Dec 8 (Hina) - Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader met in Zagreb on Monday with the Director-General of the European Union Statistical Office, Walter Radermacher, to discuss Croatia's progress towards EU membership and the process of adjustment of Croatian legislation to the acquis communautaire in the area of statistics.

Sanader and Radermacher talked about the negotiating process regarding Chapter 18, the area of the acquis communautaire that deals with statistics, and concluded that the reforms were proceeding according to plan.

Sanader said that Radermacher's visit would further contribute to the role of Eurostat in Croatia and underlined the importance of intensifying cooperation in view of the fact that Croatia would soon join the EU.

Sanader and Radermacher also discussed the political situation surrounding further EU enlargement and the visible progress Croatia had made on its path to EU membership.

Radermacher stressed the importance of modern statistics in decision-making processes and praised the Croatian government for the efforts it had made in upgrading the system of statistical monitoring of the economy and society and in brining the Croatian statistical system closer to the EU's.