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Deputy PM on traditional visit to Gornja Bistra hospital for disabled children

GORNJA BISTRA, Dec 26 (Hina) - Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor on Friday visited the special hospital for treatment of children suffering from incurable diseases in Gornja Bistra, northwest of Zagreb, and brought little patients gifts.

The hospital takes care of 110 patients with almost all of them being bed-ridden.

The hospital head, Dr. Zeljko Weis, said that the institution was full, and that many patients had nowhere to go. On this occasion he called on parents to visit their children in the hopital if they could not take them back to their homes.

Volunteers of the Italian foundation called Blue Rose Garden help the hospital staff. For ten years, 3,500 Italian volunteers have been to Gornja Bistra and helped in the rehabilitation of little patients.

Thanks to this cooperation, two children from the hospital are to be adopted in Italy, Dr. Weis said adding that interest in adopting kids from the hospital is rising.

Deputy Prime Minister Kosor, who traditionally visits the Gornja Bistra institution during Christmas holidays, said today that the destinies in the hospital had prompted the authorities to adopt last year the legislation on volunteers helping disabled people.