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Croatian government confirms its readiness to adopt French initiative

ZAGREB, Dec 12 (Hina) - The Croatian government adopted a special statement on Friday reiterating its readiness to accept the French initiative which would confirm that Croatian documents used in the country's EU entry talks in no way prejudge the solving of the Croatian-Slovene border dispute.

The Ivo Sanader cabinet hailed a resolution adopted on Thursday whereby the European People's Party (EPP) called on all European Union countries to renew their commitment to the negotiations with Croatia based on the meeting of objective criteria, without the interference of bilateral issues.

"The Croatian government reiterates its readiness to adopt the initiative of EU President France, which would confirm that documents used by Croatia in the process of accession talks in no way prejudge the outcome of the Croatian-Slovene border dispute."

The Croatian government "once again underlines its determination to meet all the necessary conditions as part of its EU accession talks, so that the negotiations with the bloc could be wrapped up in 2009, in accordance with the indicative plan proposed by the European Commission".