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Zoran Milanović

Prime Minister
Zoran Milanović
Zoran Milanović
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Curriculum Vitae
• Born in Zagreb on 30 October 1966
• Married with two sons

• 1998: Earned his Master's degree in European Union law at the Flemish University in Brussels
• 1990: Graduated from the Zagreb Law School
• 1981-1985: Attended secondary school for administration and justice in Zagreb

Political Career
• 2008– 2011: Chairman of the SDP parliamentary group in Croatian Parliament, member of the Committee for the Constitution, Rules of Procedure and Political System
• 2008: Re-elected president of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia (10 May)
• 2007: Chairman of the National Committee for Monitoring the Negotiations between the
Republic of Croatia and the European Union
• 2007: Elected president of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia (2 June)
• 2006: Coordinator of the SDP in the 4th constituency
• 2004: Member of the Executive Board of the SDP for international cooperation and cooperation with other parties
• Member of the SDP since 1999

Professional Career
• 2003: Assistant Foreign Minister of the Republic of Croatia for political multilateral affairs
• 1999: National Coordinator for NATO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia
• 1996–1999: Counsellor at the Croatian Mission to the European Union and NATO in Brussels
• 1994: Member of the OSCE peace-keeping mission in Azerbaijan (Nagorno-Karabakh)
• 1993: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Law Department, Political Multilateral Affairs
• Intern at the Commercial Court in Zagreb

Memberships, awards
• 1990: Vice-Chancellor's award
• 1990: Participated in the international contest of the leading European law schools at the International Court of Justice in The Hague
• 1986: Declared one of the top students of his generation at the Zagreb Law School

Foreign languages
• Fluent: English, French and Russian
• Working knowledge: German

• Jogging, cycling